Producător bricheţi/peleţi rumeguş din lemn

26 years of experience in field

COMCHIM CHEMICAL S.R.L. is a private company operating in the field of service provision, in the sale and distribution of products specific to the chemical industry, being one of the largest distributors of S.C. CHIMCOMPLEX S.A. Borzești, / Valcea.

Integrated solutions

We place special emphasis on the quality of the products and the promptness with which we respond to your requests

26 years of experience

Cutting edge


in relationships with partners

Comchim Chemical Products

The top companies have chosen us as partners in over 26 years of activity

Experience in the field of chemistry and commercial relations with S.C. CHIMCOMPLEX S.A. recommends us as a reliable partner.

Established in 1994, the company has imposed itself on the Romanian profile market through reliability, transparency, professionalism, but also through the partnership policy in the customer relationship, through the quality of the services offered, by promptness and seriousness, constantly checking if the services and products offered bring satisfaction to the beneficiaries, if they are perfectly adapted to their profile, if they respond faithfully to their demands and expectations.

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