January 24, 2010
On January 24, 2010 was installed another briquettes press with a capacity exceeding one ton per hour, in consequence, briquettes production capacity increased to over 3 tons per hour.
May 1, 2006
On May 1, 2006 were installed two briquettes presses, each one with a capacity of one ton per hour.
November 10, 2004
Launching of the Ecolemn site, containing information about the Ecolemn's factory and about the production of pellets and briquettes.
Capital subscribed and paid:
        21.874.910 RON
Did you know...
5500 kilograms pellets are the equivalent of 2820 cubic meters of methane gas or of 2700 liters of diesel, or of 8800 kilograms of wood?

Burners on pellets have a modern construction, are putted on work similarly to those on oil and may benefit from full automation.

   The boilers are built usually in a range of power: from 15-2500 kW. They can be easily adjusted from the single-family houses to industrial units, commercial, cultural.
   Storage of pellets and briquettes do not require a space larger than for fuel oil tanks. The principle of supply from the upper part involves forcing all of the fuel passing through the burn area thus achieving a complete combustion and achieving a boiler efficiency of 94 - 98%.
   Because of the material used and the high technologies, the calorific value of briquettes is equal to that of the pellets. The calorific value of pellets and briquettes, 100% beech, is higher than that of those produced from pine and, due to burning time much higher, the quantity consumed is lesser than that of pine-pellets.
   Since the production of pellets and briquettes from beech 100% occurred later than the production of pellets from pine, the endurance of the boilers was made on pine-pellets. For a very good functioning of the boilers on beech-pellets, due to the higher combustion time, it must be increased the amount of air in the burner or decrease the amount of fuel.

   We sell stoves on pellets and briquettes, producing hot air, for areas between 80 and 120 square meters.
   They do not produce hot water and can not be connected to the radiators.
   Ignition and extinction are automatic on pellet stoves.
   The stoves are of Italian origin, Thermorossi mark, which is considered a "Mercedes" in the field.
   On sale we provide transport, installation and 500 kg pellets or briquettes for free.
   The prices for the stoves are between 6700 and 11999 lei.
   Delivery: immediately Warranty: 2 years.

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