January 24, 2010
On January 24, 2010 was installed another briquettes press with a capacity exceeding one ton per hour, in consequence, briquettes production capacity increased to over 3 tons per hour.
May 1, 2006
On May 1, 2006 were installed two briquettes presses, each one with a capacity of one ton per hour.
November 10, 2004
Launching of the Ecolemn site, containing information about the Ecolemn's factory and about the production of pellets and briquettes.
Capital subscribed and paid:
        21.874.910 RON
Did you know...
5500 kilograms pellets are the equivalent of 2820 cubic meters of methane gas or of 2700 liters of diesel, or of 8800 kilograms of wood?

Pellets and briquettes are solid fuels with low moisture content, obtained from sawdust, wood chips or even bark. Resins and binders, existing naturally in sawdust, have the part to keep them compact and therefore, do not contain additives.

General information

- the pellets and wood briquettes burn almost without emission of smoke.
- in the burning gases the dust is alkaline.
- have low metal content and sulphides are almost nonexistent.
- bags of pellets and briquettes are compact and easy to store. A ton of pellets or briquettes can be stored in a space of 1.2 cubic meters.
- the ash rich in minerals can be successfully used as fertilizer.


The advantages of using wood pellets
- are economic. The cost of warming on pellets is up to 60% less than the price of oil-based products and at least 40% less than the price of electricity. .
- are non-polluting. CO2 from burning wood pellets is equal to the amount used by trees to grow.
- is domestic fuel as raw material used comes from national forests, reduce imports and other fuels and also creates jobs.
- comfort: maintenance is necessary but is much lower than in the case of wood.
- burners for pellets and briquettes must be cleaned about once a week by removing ashes.
           These are the results of tests conducted on our products in the laboratories TUV SUD Industrie Service GmbH, Briquettes (click here) , Pellets (click here).

Technical characteristics: Diameter: 6 mm, Length: 50 mm, Volumetric density: 1.31 kilograms / cubic dm, Humidity: 3.6% Ash content: 0.8% Caloric power: 18.24 MJ / kg.
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